on January 21st-28th, 2003 at BMW Showroom, All Season place
Somneuk Huangtanapan's abstract paintings of jagged lines and geometric blocks of color explore the Buddhist notion of impermanence and the cyclical nature of life relative to time. Each color represents a point in time that changes with the progression of day or season suggesting an endless life cycle that to the artist is non-static and non-linear. Somneuk uses acrylics as his medium to capture the richness of nature's colors. Each painting is a different experience and unique in its colors as oranges, yellows, light-blues, reds, greens, whites, blacks and grays contrast and complement each other. With a keen sense of observation and notable brush skills, Somneuk meticulously composes each painting so that different tones (warm/cool) and values (light/dark) work together in perfect harmony. The scratched lines that move across the pictorial field tie all the elements together. On Somneuk's canvases we see a world of flickering lights and changing colors as each day rises and sets. Chaos and order exist together harmoniously in his paintings and somewhere in the middle lies tranquility.