I use form from a flower to create picture to express feeling, and emotion of each kind of flowers which have different shapes and figures according to their types. They have their own way of beauty, which are natural creations. Flowers look delicate, beautiful, colorful and liveliness. Their leaves are tenderness with certain spacing and it's own pattern. Some species have good smell to inspire your dream. After all each flower has its own characteristic.

Every human admires and impress in the characteristic of these flowers. They have used its value as symbol of many expressions in communication. Some flower represents goodness, love, warm. In Thai culture, flowers are used for many cheerful occasion as well as grief.

Therefore, I decided to express these characteristics of flower and social belief through flowers by using various techniques and fabric as an important material to be attached. First dying fabric, then arrange into the shape that I want, rearrange it creatively and findly paint additional color in order to achieve my concept of painting which will reflect ladies' emotion and feeling about love, relation and express it according to my feeling and my dream.