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Suparirk Kanitwaranun has been exploring the theme and ideas of Urbanisation and Metropolitanisation since 1996. In his latest Exhibition, 'URBANISM', Suparirk again alters his medium of expression to examine new questions on the theme. His new creations, juxtaposed with previous works, not only in content but also in style, suggest a maturing of a philosopher and artist.

Urbanism by Suparirk  KanitwaranunUrbanism by Suparirk  Kanitwaranun
In talking with Suparirk about the ideas and motivation behind his artwork, the concepts of Urbanisation, Consciousness, and Consumption steal through with an assuredness and awareness that is striking. Very much influenced by his city of Bangkok, Suparirk ufters that, 'the city offers everything but you must ask yourself, what do I want? What do I do?' His art is a product of, a reaction to, a comment on, and an insight into, the effects of urbanisation on contemporary Thai culture and society. To successfully ride the waves of change people must communicate.
Art is a powerful way of achieving that goal. Everything you encounter in life has an effect on your heart and soul, and within Suaprirk's philosophy you can see an inspiration from traditional beliefs of Religion and destiny. He preaches the importance of consciousness, and conscious decision, 'Concentrate on everything that you do, to be conscious is important, to know yourself you must ask yourself in this way'.

Ismail Wolff,
Bangkok based Arts Critic and Journalist.