The Queen's Gallery Artist : Thawan Duchanee Exhibition : Trinity art exhibition by Thawan Duchanee

After having earned his doctoral degree from Rijks Academic Van Beeletende Kunster Amsterdam 30 years ago, Thawan Duchanee has his works displayed in Thailand only few times. Partly because one of his paintings was vandalized by students in 1972, we have hardly seen his works on show. Only news of Thawan's artistic reputations reached us from abroad. In 1996, Thawan represented artists from Asia for UNESCO and exhibited his works in New York, Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Canberra and Tokyo. In the year 2000, Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize Committee awarded him Arts and Culture Prize. In 2004, Thawan was honored with the title "Thailand's National Artist" in the area of Visual Arts. This year, Thawan will be showing his works in auspicious occasion to celebrate the 72th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.

The Queen's Gallery proudly presents the works of Thawan Duchanee, a man who calls himself "a painter, who lights up the aesthetics". It has been 20 years since Thawan has had a solo exhibition. This present exhibition, occupying 3 floors of the Queen's Gallery is under the name of "Trinity" of which artistic works are divided into three different ages:

- Classic age: Paintings representing ideological view, reflecting the prosperity of eastern civilization
- Primitive age: bold brushstrokes and burning movements portraying the formidable power of beasts
- Archaic age: the age that combines both delicacy and swiftness replete with Buddhist philosophy

This exhibition gathers Thawan's works over 3 years comprising of paintings, drawings, brushworks and installation. During the exhibition, printed T-shirts and other memorabilia are available on sale.