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- A Black Horse in the New Moon Night", Notthowut Sing-Thong's latest exhibition organised by Numthong gallery, is created from imagination, feeling and experience of Notthowut himself. It is a combination bettueen on abstract expressionism and a concrete existence.

The abstract exoressionism in Notthowut's work is represented by creating a supposed space where he imagines himself as a black horse galloping in a vague atmosphere of the moonless night. For the concrete, he uses a form of natural figures and a form of objects as a specific symbol. That means a special identity in his works is a connotative communication of form and space which is a key element of this series.

He particularly views all aeatures on the planet that are both the visible and invisible things, and realises that they are harmonious and paradoxical in themselves. In his sight, form and space are happiness, sadness, darkness, brightness, beauty and mystery.

His lost exhibition -Love you my dad" showed in the beginning of 2004 inspires his latest series "A Black Horse in the New Moon Night-, The deep regret of death of his father is in his subconscious. However, he can transform it into his artwork as it can be seen from the usage of forms and the symbol communicated a specific meaning such as a stem and a root of rose are growing themselves without its leaf and flower that a part of plant showing freshness and liveliness. This picture is like his life and feeling while he had created his artworks.

Not only using the thorny stem of rose and the bmnchy root binding thing shaped like a heart, but he also presents a petal of the lotus blossom overlapped themselves until it becomes a black space. It shows a contrast and a strong hue on the white background beautifully. A series of rose and its leaf in the large scale painting that audiences can view it closer depicts his energy and feeling hidden in a calm.

Peacock's feather is a symbol to represent sacrificial things as peacock is an animal of the deity. Moreover, he creates a formof human tongue of both men and women which is like a mountain. It represents human feeling and human word which is both the trustworthy word and untrustworthy word. This total picture is on abstract and its form can create imagination to audiences.

A crayon on bamboo paper is a main technique using in this series. The black colour presents a dimensions of illusion and dimension of feeling. Using crayon means he employs his elaborate skill and exquisite artistry in creating his artworks.

His latest artwork is different from a former of exhibition. He uses the form of objects as a meduim to convey a meaning of the form of natural figures. Generally, the atmosphere in his work offers the sense of inner clam as well as the psychologic effect. It is an interaction among a sense perception to an appearance, a thinking reaction, and an internal feeling.

It is appeared that his work is presented a perception of stillness at the beginning and it is then become a perception of movement. It is interesting in terms of a development of his approach. To create the abstract form, he starts with presenting a resemblance of appearance details between a form of nature and a form of material which is cut and reduced some detials until in becomes a simple of abstract. Then, the relation between a meaning of each forms of nature and a new form of abstract object is interconnected. Moreover, a old pattern of work by aeoting artworks in a Rome with a paralleling installation is changed. He is now presenting his pictures in a round figure with an appropriate installation of artworks.

Notthowut values life, mind, thougt and feeling of human being. He uses a picture of a piston Qs its function is as some as our heart which is a blood pumper through the body to nourish our life. Also, there are some abstract forms in some pictures which are a form of heart joint. It is like a form of material.

From his exhibition, a movement of a black horse in the moonless night will not stop on this stage. His never-ending journey still be continued. For his bright destination and a success in the future, a vagueness and unclearness are a drive for him to discover a new aeative approach. Notthowut can develop himself until he find what he wants and satisfies the most.
Sompom Rodboon, January 2005 (Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University)