Silpa - Buddha

A great many things transpire here and there and everywhere all over the world of today. Some appear trivial, some momentous; some close to ourselves, some far away. Most of them generate fear, anxiety and discord of thoughts from personal right up to societal level. For instance, the seemingly insoluble wars and killings in many parts of the world all lead to destructions, and fellow human beings died daily. Their death cuts deep into Mankind's sensibility. Wars and killings bring pain tnd suffering to Manís body and mind. And it seems that the further the world advances, Our anxiety exponentially multiplies.

Granted the above world conditions and turning to the individuals, fear lies at the very core of Man's mind. the fear that arises from worldly conditions loss of gains, loss of fame or rank or dignity, blames, and pain : fear that derives from being born into the world, getting old, getting sick and passing away ; agony that results from cravings to have or to be, and cravings not to have or not to be ; suffering that derives from clinging to the egobelief; suffering that arises from greed, hatred and delusion; they all are but suffering that arise from lack of essential knowledge. It is the state of' ignorance cloaking essential knowledge that lures Mankind to lead a life without direction, floating along with the tides of mundane worldly conditions, day in and day out with no end in sight. Whenever humankind is troubled by suffering, they would search for an escape path, in accordance with their personal belief and level of intellect. But quite often, instead of untying the original knots of suffering, they futher create new ones that squeeze them much tighter

Buddhism is a religion leading toward a state of knowing awakening, and blissfulness. Thanks to the purity of His mind, wisdom and loving-kindness, Lord Buddha had discovered the "Buddha conditionality" and propagated it among the worldly creatures, calling it Dharma. Subsequently propounded in all directions by the holy Sangha, the path leading toward such a state of being consists of rules of morality. concentration and understanding. Rules of morality or Sila are precepts preventing people from doing bad deeds - physically, verbally and spiritually. Concentration or Samadhi refers to the doing of good deeds through detachment from worries, critiques and enchantment until the Four Jhanas or Absorptions have been attained. Once attained, the mind will be in a condition suitable to reflect upon the state of things as they are, in accordance with the Four Noble Truths, namely: Suffering, Origins of suffering, Cessation of suffering and the Path leading to the cessation of suffering. If one were to view in terms of substance of the principal path leading to total extinction of the origins of suffering, one could contemplate on the four foundations of mindfulness: Body, Feelings, Mind and Mind-objects in that order. Knowledge leads to understanding, thus giving rise to the cstate of Buddhae. Once wisdom reaches the state of total purity, the cstate of Buddhae likewise becomes totally pure like a full moon. A person in that state of being has successfully released self from the worldly life cycle founded on ignorance of the essential knowledge, began ascending upon the supra-mundane or cunbelonginge plane, poising to become a noble individual - starting from the plane of Stream-entrant, Once returner, Non-retuner and finally the Worthy One, in that order. The process can be compared to a lotus growing out of sludge, rising above water, spreading, its petals amidst the radiance of wisdom, being sustained by understanding, tiid powered along by the cstate of Buddhae in the final stage

Lord Buddha had discovered and unambiguously ordered the steps from start to finish in the path leading to the "state of Buddha". Any one who has discovered His dharma, studied. understood and practiced them accordingly, would personally experience the results accrued from such efforts - the blissfulness that radiates in his body, remarks and mind, not to mention the conduct of life henceforth in human society. The wider the grace of cstate of Buddhae expands, the greater the happiness and peacefulness will be experienced by humankind.

Faith in the Noble Path and belief in its exceedingly beneficial results have inspired and endless stream of works of Buddhist art for over 2,500 years now. Today, there exists a wide variety of concepts, processes, techniques and approaches in this field of work. The current "Silpa Buddh

Translation by Chantima Ongsuragz