Exhibition : "Just Sometimes" by Ekarat Aroonrat
I would like to express the important meaning of life in another emotional aspect which related to love, relationship and pure beauty by means of imagination which is expressed freely and straightforward, and the world of fantasy which does not exist in real life.
In creating this work. I paid attention to the shape a girl that brings out the beauty, liveness, and purity of sole. The girl expressed happily in form of body language, connected to nature and environment such as bird, fish, plant, moon, as if she’s in the world of fantasy that leads to happiness. Moreover, I have good impression on the colors that contribute the atmosphere to be according one’s emotion and the story of the painting.
I believe that imagination is important for all mankind. Spending time thinking about happiness, relationship introspect even for a very short period of time can be the most beautiful moment of one’s life while living on current basis.