Rama IX Art Museum Foundation

..........In my solo exhibition “The Light of Faith” I convey a message about seeking the truth of human existence through my paintings. The series was inspired by Buddhist philosophy and Lanna
Buddhist art, which is considered a magnificently anduniquely beautiful school of art that orginated in nothern Thailand.

..........I would like to present the truth of the fundamental Buddhist concept that the ultimate human
endeavor is to try to escape from surrounding illusions. The Lord Buddha sought the truth of human existence in the universe and was finally able to gain a completeunderstanding of it, seeing the way how to finally be free from all suffering. I bring out various aspects of this religious truth via my paintings in my series “The Light of Faith” The art pieces do not contain many clear shapes or pictures. They mainly focus on candlelight, which is the symbol of the human intellect. A flickering flame is an uncertain shape,symbolizing the human mind, which keeps constantly changing and is hard to control. Buddhism teaches that people should try to gain control over our minds and achieve mental stability in order to reach the light of intellectual enlightenment.

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2005 Exhibitions