Rama IX Art Museum Concept Work Exhibition Publication Invitation Card
Artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert

• Concept of Work
I did the drawing every day, one piece each day [from 1'" January until 31" December 2004), altogether 365 pieces. They are sitting images of myself and people I have known, not the Buddha's images.
The pictures present sort of symbolic meaning of the persons and also the situations which really occurred. I try to penetrate into those situations's territory where few of us had ever glimpsed through.
As we know, people always see things with their instinctive eyes and roughly judge them without any thoughtfulness. Thus, the way we look back to the insight of everything more considerably, we would be able to experience a new aspect within these things. Moreover, through this careful thought, it seems like we have a chance to practice the Insight Meditation all along and view every situations more objectively and egolessly, without attaching ourselves to it In other words, it is the way we make a real understanding of our everyday lives.

"I am convinced that, as a human, we should take, at least, a few inner looks to our own self. I think it would be of value to life"
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Artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert