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golden sea - silver sea, 2550 by Pakde Limpong
Untitle by Sawang  Charonepala
Starry night at the beach, 2007 by Somchai  Wacharasombat
Power of nature by Pracha Jindee
Untitle by Maitree  Homthong
Metropolis of the road by Rittee  Homthong
The materialism, 2550 by Pattana  Changkaew
"Each person's sorrow are to be lessen by love and mercy" by Tawatchai  Homthong
The Individual in Paintings 2 by Pakde Limpong, Sawang  Charonepala, Somchai  Wacharsombat, Pracha Jindee, Maitree  Homthong, Rittee  Homthong, Pattana  Changkaew and Tawatchai  Homthong
  2007 Exhibitions