One Man Exhibition of Retrospective Paintings

Supawat Thonglamul : 23 Years of Painting (1985 - 2008 )

I absolutely believe that the artists have to attend own works of art.
And I always believe that the truly intention would provide the good result.
I have intended to seek the good knowledge and the nice technique for my paintings.

I have to seek the best practices for my works. I have done the paintings since I was young. I have very much done my paintings sincerely.

In my opinion, the way of life need to be taken for a long time to develop and prove own life. Everyone have their own tasks to do sincerely.
So do I. I love art. I love my work. I love all my paintings.

I started studying academic art at Ubolratchathani Vocational. I met very nice teachers and friends here. My teachers taught me both academic art and the way of life.
They provided me many good things.

Once in my life, I would like to seek the meaning of life. So I had a journey alone. I went to many good places around my country, especially the North and North - East.
I visit the countryside to learn the culture and the way of their lives. This journey provided me many worth things. At this same time, I also did several paintings.
I received the nice friendship and the nice impression. I appreciated it greatly.

Later, I studied B.F.A. in Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. I met the good instructors. They provided me the knowledge of art and the way of life, too.

I very much intended to study all of art. I searched for many styles of paintings. The final year of studying, I decided to become an independent artist. I knew that I would encounter the obstacles on this way.
I thought that I could overcome these obstacles because I could empower my mind.

Nowadays I have been doing art for 23 years. I could pass very hard problems. I still do the best paintings. I always exhibit my works. I previously presented my exhibitions more than 60 times.

Today I would like to present my works. This exhibition is the one man of retrospective paintings. There are almost 100 paintings. I have done these paintings since 1985 until now.
I think that it is a very good time to exhibit my retrospective works.

I hope that this exhibition would provide you the good impression and happiness. Thank you very much for your time and interest.

Supawat Thonglamul