Rama IX Art Museum Exhibition : The 31st Bualuang Paintings Exhibition

First Prize, Traditional
Siroj Phuangbubpha
Arnodard Pond

Second Prize, Traditional
Suwatchai Tubtim
Clench 1.1

Thrid Prize, Traditional
Suwan Lamom
The Power of Time

First Prize, Semi Traditional
Chairat Mongcolnut
Chant from Bang Bumroo

Second Prize, Semi Traditional
Ruthairat Kumsrichan
Thread of life 1

Thrid Prize, Semi Traditional
Aunwat Laddawan

First Prize, Contemporary
Pongsiri Kiddee
The Marvel of Beauty (Sukhothai) 2009 No.2

Second Prize, Contemporary
Karuna Panumes
The Ensembles of Shadow 2

Thrid Prize, Contemporary
Niwat Chootoun
Beauty of Country Side 2

2009 Exhibitions