Modern art was established in Thailand since fifty years ago. During this period , there were lots of development in styles and techniques. In other words, Thai artists are developing themselves to share more places in an international
art world.

Thai Art foundation was established at the beginning of the year 2000 by art curator - - Amporn Arrunnapaporn Baggelaar. Located in Amsterdam, the
Netherlands, One of the most interesting multicultural societies in the world.

The foundation aims to promote and present Thai - - art modern and contemporary - - to be more known in an international level. Also to establish the audience for Thai art in the Netherlands and Europe. To enhance opportunities for emerging artists as well as establishing a dialogue between generations both by introducing new Thai artists and affirming the vitality of established artists through its exhibitions programme. At the same time , the foundation plans to develop strategies to compliment a growing and revitalized art scene in Bangkok or Thailand and to articulate existing contemporary artistic expressions through a variety of multi - disciplinary artistic and communication activities, which will establish territories of cross - reference between the visual arts and other cultural forms.

Furthermore, the foundation aims with its objectives to contribute the ongoing worldwide debate on issues of multicultural identities and '' Thai '' or rather
' new international ' contemporary art. In the global setting, the exchange and
circulation of ideas and forms are becoming more complex and difficult to identity within cultural boundaries. Works of art bear testimony to the blending of cultures, but not unequivocally. Cultures of different historical origins interact, become diffuse or create the need for a dialogue. This predicament of culture confronts us with many possible perspectives on the world history of contemporary art. Or to put it differently, the world of art seems to have many capitals. If art develops, artistic expressions and the flow of information , are to be interpreted adequately, then the need for an experienced observer of an international stage of contemporary art cannot be denied.

The Foundation organises exhibitions of Thai artists and supported publications which aims to explore the relationship between Thai art and western art as well as contemporary art and contemporary culture. Beside exhibitions of the Thai artists, the exhibitions of the Dutch or western artists will be organised in Thailand by the foundation with co - ordination from other art and cultural institutions.

The Thai Art Foundation organises exhibitions, lectures, discussion, conference, and art related activities on a wide variety of subjects in the realm of Thai modern and contemporary art, Thai art in multicultural society and intercultural
exchange. The foundation also aims to complement ongoing projects of similar nature in museums and art institutions.

The exhibition of '' Thai Art 2000 '' is initiative to have the overview or introduction about contemporary Thai art. With the recognition that Thai art in the western's perception is still unclear and vague. All 8 artists in this exhibition are my own choices , after have been in the field of Thai art for ten years. Start from the vitalized artist to an emerging one with different in concepts, techniques and styles.

Hopefully this exhibition will reach the goals which to broaden western perspectives on contemporary Thai art as well as to establish itself to international art world.

Amporn Arrunnapaporn Baggelaar

Thai Artists Abroad