This ia a complete collections of the illustrated diaries created by the Grand Prix Winners of the 5th Mitsubishi Impression Gallery Festival of Asian Children's Art, in which 40,693 children from 22 Asian countries and region s participated. It has been designed as a teaching material to promote literacy and understanding in Asia in srpport of the United Nations' Declaration of International Literacy Year in 1990.

The Mitsubishi Public Affairs Commitee, the Asian Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations, and the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan have been organizing the Festival since 1990. It is our hope that these illustrated diaries will help people visualize and understand the real daily life of friends in different parts of Asia.


In Japan we have a custom of creating " Enikki " (Illustrated Diaries) that portray daily events and thoughts in the form of a picture and a short essay. In an " Enikki " the author doesn't only write about things he/she has seen, heard, done or thought, but also describes these events and feelings through pictures.

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