hilips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd. has invited the young Thai artists to show their ability and initiation through work of arts by participating in the 17th Philips Children and Youth Art Competition 1999" on titled "Water Preservation For Our Beloved King" to pay homage and express their loyalty to His Majesty the King on his 72nd Birthday Anniversary.

is Majesty the King Bhumipol Adulyadej recognizes the importance of the value of water and considers it to be "life" since the development of water resources for cultivation or irrigation is important and beneficial for the majority of the country's population in that it enables them to produce crops all year round. He will seek to find more water supplies when there is a water shortage, to reduce water when there is flooding and to find methods of water treatment for water pollution.

he competition is not only create awareness and conservation of water resources among children but also encourage children to express their royalty and pay homage to His Majesty The King , the applicants will be able to depict their ideas, imaginations by showing their ways of concerning and developing of water resource.

ntrants in the competition are classified into four categories according to age groups, from age less than 8 years old, between 8-11 years old ,between 12-16 years old and between 17-25 years old.

The prizes will be awarded in each age categories. The winners will receive scholarship together with certificates and total scholarship worth more than 200,000 baht, consisting of ;

1.) All school children will be classified into 3 categories according to age group and the prize will be in each age categories ;
1.1 Group under 8 years old
1st prize B./ 5,000.-
2nd prize 4,000.-
3rd prize 3,000.-
Runners-up x 10 1,500.-
1.2 Group 8 -11 years old
1st prize B./ 7,000.-
2nd prize 6,000.-
3rd prize 4,000.-
Runners-up x 10 1,500.-
1.3 Group 12-16 years old
1st prize B./ 10,000.-
2nd prize 7,000.-
3rd prize 5,000.-
Runners-up x 10 1,500.-

2.) Students or young artists age of 17 -25 years old
1st prize B./ 50,000.-
2nd prize 30,000.-
3rd prize 20,000.-
Runners-up x 5 5,000.-

A panel of judge consisting of well known Thai artists;
Pishnu Supanimit
Preecha Thaothong
Ithipol Thangchalok
Thanapon Vattanakul
Sangkom Thongmee

All entries must be submitted by hand or by mail not later than September 1, 1999 to the Public Relations Department, Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd., 60/14 Moo 11 Bangna - Trad Km. 3 Bangna, Bangkok 10260. For additional information, please call on 3993280-9 ext. 2214, 2217 or Philips Consumer Information Centre Tel. 3983691-2