MITSUBlSHI IMPRESSlON-GALLERY, Festival of Asian Children's Art is intended to offer Asian children the opportunity to meet and make friends with one another through the medium of their Illustrated Diaries (ENIKKI in Japanese). Each page should consist of a picture and a short essay describing the events of the day. The festival will feature the Illustrated Diaries of children from 23 countries and regions throughout Asia. Why don't you show your friends in Asia what your daily life is like by means of a five-day Illustrated Diary.


(1) Entry period: April 1 -August 31, 2001 (tentative)

(2) National Screening: September, 2001 (tentative)
(each country and region)

(3) International Screening(Japan): February, 2002 (tentative)

(4) Exhibition of artworks ( Japan ): August, 2002 ( 17 days - tentative)


(1) Creative work

Each "Enikki" (Illustrated Diaries) will be 5 pages. (Paint, color pencils or crayons, etc. should be used on A4-size (297mm x 210mm) drawing paper or equivalent.)


In Japan we have a custom of creating " Enikki " (Illustrated Diaries) that portray daily events and thoughts in the form of a picture and a short essay. In an " Enikki " the author doesn't only write about things he/she has seen, heard, done or thought, but also describes these events and feelings through pictures. Please tell your friends in other countries and regions who have different customs about your daily life using this "Enikki" form.You can write freely about any aspect of your life.
Participants should write the essays in their native language.

(2) Theme

"My Daily Life" - express your life (relating your activities, town, people etc.) through five pages of pictures and essays of your own creation. Write freely on as many topics as you wish (for example, home, family, food, health, fashion, fun activities, sports, music, work, towns and villages, art, geography, school life, play, festivals, history, customs, popular activities)

(3) Selection Criteria

The Screening Committee won't judge whether your artwork is good or not, but will look at how you portray your society, your daily life, as well as your impressions and thoughts.

Selection Criteria:

(1) Whether or not the work effectively demonstrates the true sensitivity or viewpoints of the child.

(2) Whether or not the work portrays the lifestyle, the culture, the people, the customs, and the national character of your region in which the child was born and raised.

(3) The degree of completeness in terms of organization, concepts, and sophistication.

(4) Entries should be children's original artworks. (Please note that copy from art books, comic books or any other published artwork should be disqualified during screening.)


(4) Format

A4-size (297mm x 21 Omm) paper used vertically with the picture at the top, and the essay beneath: The ratio ofthe picture to the essay should be approximately 2:1 with the essay being
about 3-5 lines in length.

(5) Eligibility

Children aged 6 - 12 at time of entry. (The level of Japanese elementary-school children.)

(6) Entry Period

April 1 - August 31, 2001. However, the dates within this period will be decided by each country and region.

(7) Entry Procedures

a. Write your name on the back of each of the five pages, and number them (on the back) 1 - 5.

b. Fill in the entry form attached to the Entry Requirements and turn it in with your entry.

c. Check to make sure your name is on the back of each page and that you have number of them (on the back) from 1 - 5. Then put these pages together with the entry form, and deliver or mail them.

(8) Selection Method

The Executive Committee in each country and region will carry out the first screening, and will select 10 entries. These 10 entries will then be sent to Japan where they will be judged by the Executive Committee in Japan, along with entries from other countries, in total of 230 entries. In this way, winning " Illustrated Diaries " will be selected. Furthermore, the 10 entries from each country and region will be seen by many people at an exhibition in Japan.

*Please note that entries sent to Japan will not be returned. The right to the " Illustrated Diaries " is held by organizers. Entries should be original and unpublished. Please note that copy of artwork, comic book, etc. will be disqualified during screening.