Poster contest
UN Population Fund to launch 10th competition in New York

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is now launching its 10th International Poster Contest under this year's design theme "Population and Environment".

The International Poster Contest has been held each year since 1992 in order to provide a creative forum for children and young people to explore the impact of population and development issues on their own lives and on others.

Young Thai artists have won the international prizes consecutively since 1992.

UNFPA, in cooperation with Silpakorn University, is again organising the poster contest at a national level to nominate the winners from Thailand to participate in the International Poster Contest scheduled to take place at UNFPA Headquarters in New York in September.

Young artists are invited to create bold and colourful posters about the impact of people on the environment and to encourage young people to celebrate the earth, to raise awareness about threats to the environment and to think about solutions starting in their own communities.

Although some drawing suggestions have been provided, contestants are encouraged to come up with their own ideas in response to the following topics, namely, "Dream a Better World", "Everything is Connected" and "Girls and a Greener Environment".

The contest is classified into five age categories, namely, Category One: six to eight years, Category Two: nine to 12 years, Category Three: 13 to 15 years, Category Four: 16 to 18 years and Category Five: 19 years and older. Painting techniques using crayon, paint, pencil, magic marker, collage or other appropriate materials are acceptable.

Entries should be submitted on paper or cardboard within the following size limits: no larger than 30 by 60 centimetres (12 by 24 inches) and no smaller than 20 by 27.5 cm (8 by 11 inches).

Entries for the National Poster Contest from Thai nationals should be received by the Art Centre, Silpakorn University, Wang Tha Phra, Bangkok, by July 16.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Vichoke Mukdamanee, Art Centre, Silpakorn University, telephone 221-3841 or UNFPA Bangkok on 288-1849; fax 280-1871 or email