XI International Biennial of Infantile and Youthful Art
by The international Museum of Infantile and Youthful Art (MUNDIARTE)

Rules for Participation
1. About the works

1.1 Every child or youngster between 6 (six) and 17 (seventeen) years old, that assist to national, provincial, municipals or private institutions, as those that want to participate in an individual way, are able to take part in the Art Show.

1.2 Works of the following specialties can be sent:
-Drawing and painting
-Formal and Informal instruments, recording and inedit works
-Social Communication: photos, photograrms, videos, oral and written journalism, stories and poems, megazines and newspaper.

1.3 Works must be attached by the following:
Name and Surname:
Date of Birth:
Date of the making of the work:
Name or title of the work:
Name of the institute:
Address of the Institute:
Address of the author:
Address, Code, Province, Country:

1.4 The plane works will be sent on white board, and the measures will be maximum 0.75 mts x 0.50 mts., including the pass-partout. At the back of the board the data required at 1.3 must be written

1.5 Works made in groups and/or scenographics will be sent separately and in a panels. The measures will be maximum 0.75 mts. X 0.50 mts. All the panels together must show the entire works.

1.6 The works of music, theatre and social communication should last no more than 10 minutes. The data of the author and the technique of the work should be attached with a card to the play.

1.7 The works must be original and created and elaborated by the paticipants. Works made with the help of professors or with no lasting materials or copies will not be accepted.

1.8 The selection of the work will be done by authorities and professors of each institution that participates.

2. About the sending

2.1 Works should be sent to:
366 Mitre Av.
(1870) Avellaneda
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: (5411) 4205 9555-6, 4205 9558 ext. 21, 23

2.2 The reception of the works ends July 31st, 2001

2.3 The sending of the works should be done through the institutions where the author assist or in an individual way. In both cases the cost of the sending should be paid by the participants.

3 About the exhibition

3.1 The works sent by the participants will stay at the International Museum of Infantile and Youthful Art as a property of the Municipality of Avellaneda. This municipality takes the compremise of the exhibition and difusion of those works, not only in Argentina but also abroad.

3.2 The selected works for the Xl Biennal International will be exhibited in the rooms that the Municipality of Avellaneda appoints. The author will receive a certificate of participation.

3.3 The Municipality will take a good care of the works, but will not assume the responsibility of the damages of the works during the sending or the staying.

3.4 The participation implies the acceptance of the present rules. If there is any unusual case, the organizers will consider it.
International Museum of Infantile and Youthful
A. Mitre 366, P. B.
(1870) Avellaneda
Pcia. de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel/Fax: (54 11) 4205 9555-6 and 4205 9558 ext. 21, 23