"SuperCroc" Art Contest for Kids by FedEx

Replica of gigantic prehistoric reptile goes on display on August 16

"SuperCroc Lives to Deliver" is the intriguing title of an art competition for primary-school children which Fed Ex and the National Geographic Channel are running this month.

SuperCroc is the nickname given to Sarcosuchus imperator, a dinosaur-eating crocodile which lived some 110 million years ago. A life-size replica of this ancient reptile will be on display at The Mall Bang Kapi, from August 16 to 28.

A colouring contest being held in conjunction with the exhibition is open to children studying in Prathom 1, 2 and 3. The sheet to be coloured can be downloaded from www.fedexsupercroc.com, and can be photocopied if needed. Contestants can use crayons, colour pencils, or anything else they wish.

Meanwhile, kids in Prathom 4, 5 and 6 are required to draw a picture of SuperCroc in a Bangkok setting.

There are cash prizes for the winners of both age categories.

For more information, visit the aforementioned Web site or phone 02-233-4329-30.