The 21st PTT Art Contest
'Sufficiency Economy: A Thai Way of Living'

Silpakorn University in collaboration with PTT Public Company Limited have announced the 21st PTT Art Contest for the year 2006 under the topic 'Sufficiency Economy: A Thai Way of Living' with the objectives to promote Thai artists' creativity and to encourage the development of contemporary art in Thailand. The followings are the rules of the competition:

1. Types of Work
Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, or other forms of Visual Arts

2. Eligibility
2.1 Thai nationalities with permanent residence in Thailand
2.2 Entries must be original and genuine
2.3 Entries must never before enter any other domestic competition/exhibition
2.4 Categories of competitors
  2.4.1 Young artists
- 8 years old and under
- Between 9-13 years old
- Between 14-17 years old
2.4.2 General artists

4. Rules of Entrance
4.1 Each individual could submit a maximum of three pieces of work by hand or mail at Silpakorn University Art Center, Tha Phra Palace, Na Phra Lan Road, Bangkok 10200.
4.2 Each individual must fill out the application form(s) clearly with name, address and other information in Thai and English. A completed form must be securely attached to the back of each entry.
4.3 For young artist, date of birth together with certified signatures of their teachers/parents are required to be attached to their works.
4.4 For artist aged less than 14 years old, entry size is limited from 15" x 22" minimum to 22" x 30" maximum.
4.5 For artist aged between 14-17 years old, the minimum size is 22" x 30" while the width, length or height of each work must not exceed 40", or 1 meter, excluding frame.
4.6 For general artists, the width, length or height of their entries must not exceed 60", or 1.5 meters, excluding frame.
4.7 Submitted pieces must come in good condition and ready for installation/display. While the judges will single out the qualified ones for exhibition, every piece will be handled with great care to keep away from physical damages except out-of-control occurrences.

5. Judging Criteria
Starting 16 June 2006, the announcement of the results will be posted at Silpakorn University Art Gallery, Tha Phra Palace, Na Phra Lan Road, Bangkok, and in the 'Matichon' Newspaper (16 June 2006 issue), and at the web site

6. Prizes and Certificates

6.1 For young artists:

8 years old and under no. of prizes worth
- Top Prize 1 Bt 6,000
- Distinguished Prize 2 Bt 5,000 each
- Subsidiary Prize 3 Bt 3,000 each

Between 9-13 years old
- Top Prize 1 Bt 8,000
- Distinguished Prize 2 Bt 6,000 each
- Subsidiary Prize 3 Bt 4,000 each

Between 14-17 years old
- Top Prize 1 Bt 10,000
- Distinguished Prize 2 Bt 8,000 each
- Subsidiary Prize 3 Bt 5,000 each

6.2 For general artists:

- Top Prize 1 Bt 100,000
- Distinguished Prize 5 Bt 50,000 each

NOTE: Each prize will be paid less 5% for tax

7. Submission of entries
May 24-31, 2006 from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at Silpakorn University Art Center (SUAC)

Announcement of results June 16, 2006 at SUAC, in Mathichon Newspaper (6/16/06 issue) and at

For more information at website