Logo and slogan TAT CALL CENTER 1672 Contest

Invited university student create logo and slogan for public relations of TAT database that give information by Call Center quality, fast and everyday to tourist.

Thai University student with:
1. University ID copy
2. ID copy
3. application form

Type of work
There are logo competition and Thai Slogan competition
Student can send both of competition or choose one of it
Limit 2 designs for logo
Limit 3 slogans for Slogan

1. Size 8x 8 to 12x 12 unlimited teachnic
2. create has to have mean about TAT Call Center 1672
3. logo have to write on CD
4. logo have to use in many surface
5. use 4 colors and send logo in back and white clear whatever big or small
6. logo can use on color / positive, color / negative, b-w / positive and b-w / negative
7. write your name and place to contact
8. send logo by yourselves or post
9. limit 2 designs
10. All designs will belong to TAT
1. Have to use correct Thai language
2. Have to communicate meaning of TAT CALL CENTER 1672
3. Have to has 20 words
4. Have to write on application form
5. If have to use English have to appropriate
6. Send logo by yourselves or post
7. Limit 3 slogans
8. All slogans will belong to TAT

First prize: 50,000 baht
Second prize: 20,000 baht
Third prize: 10,000 baht
Honorary prize: 5,000 baht 2 prizes

Date of Submit : June July, 2007
For more information, please visit www.tat.or.th