Bacardi Breezer : Free Spirit in art 2007

Bacardi Breezer invited you to design bottle : concept is “Free Spirit in Art” and Use Bacardi (original) size: 40x40x40 cm. The art work has to have logo “Bacardi Breezer”

People who interested in this have to be:

Age: 20-25 year old
Nationality: Thai
Live in Thailand
Apply with art work and application form
Limited 2 styles for 1 present
Send art work now until 5 November 2007

1. First prize: 50,000 baht ,Cup and Certificate
2. Second prize: 30,000 baht, Cup and Certificate
3. Third prize 2 prizes: 20,000 baht, Cup and Certificate
4. Popular Vote: mobile sSony Ericsson S500i (9,900 baht)
for more infomation please visit