Art compitition “Sport and Olympism”

Office of Contemporary Art and Culture Ministry of Culture, Thailand and Olympism Committee of Thailand invite Thai artists join competition in topic “Spot and Olympism”

Unlimited technic
Size up to 1.5x1x1 m. and 3 kg.
Unlimited technic
Size up to 1.5x1 m. with frame
* Limit for 2 art works for 1 person
The meaning of topic “Sport and Olympism
- Fair play
- Sportsmanship
- Women and sport
- Excellence in sport
- Peace, Friendship and sharing
- Solidarity
- Violence
The people who win will go to competition at Swisszerland
First prize: 50,000 baht and go to international competition at Swiss land
Second prize: 5 prizes will have certificate
Send date: 10 – 15 January 2008 at Culture Ministry
Result date: 25 January 2008
International Competition
(IOC) and Olympic Museum will set committee from 5 continents
First prize: 30,000 US dollar and certificate
Second prize: 20,000 US dollar and certificate
Third prize: 10,000 US dollar and certificate
5 certificate for 5 prizes
For more information or call 0-2422 8824, 0 2422 8835