Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Emblem Design Contest

Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, the Ministry of Finance launches Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Emblem Design Contest to create a new emblem for the organization. The new emblem should be nice, modern, and easy-to-recognise and reflect vision and mission of the organization.

1.The contest is open to the government officer, students and general public, except the employees of the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly.
2. The proposed emblem must be designed in not more than four colours and black drawing together with idea of design printing in A3 size paper (29.7cm x 42 cm) attached on black corrugated plastic board size 36 x 48 cm (Future board). Attach the first pas of a contest form on the backside and submit the second part with a CD of emblem design To Thailand Tobacco Momopoly.
3. Each entry must identify name, surname, address with telephone number and other contact information following the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly’s form.
Downloaded form at or

The prize:
1.The winning award worth 100,000 baht with Benjarong Cup and certificate.
2.Two merit award worth 10,000 baht each with certificate.
Closing date for submission is Friday November 30, 2007
The results at and on January 2008.

All of submissions should be sent to
Marketing Development Division, Marketing Department of Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, the Ministry of Finance, Administration Building, 2nd floor, 184 Rama IV, Khlong Toey, Bangkok 10110 Telephone 0-229-1622 Fax 0-2253-5174.