The 53rd National Exhibition of Art

Silpakorn University, The Fine Arts Department, Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited & Krung Thai Bank has joined together to contribute the such contest. There are 4 categories is Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts and Mixed Media of candidates, Invited Artists and General Artists.

The competition is divided prizes into two categories, which are :
National of Art Prize :
1st Prize : price of 120,000 baht, a gold medal
2nd Prize : price of 70,000 baht, a silver medal
3rd Prize : price of 50,000 baht, a bronze medal

Sponsor for Krung Thai Bank Prize :
1st Prize : price of 100,000 baht
2nd Prize : price of 50,000 baht

For sculpture and mixed media must be sent slide, VCD/DVD of works on July 28-29, 2007, and for painting and print making musr be sent works on July 28 - August 1, 2007 at the Art and Cultural Center Commemorating the 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty the King (every day).

For more information, please contact Silpakorn's Art Centre, Na Pra Lan Road, at tel: +66 0-2221-3841 or