Photo Contest About Greenhouse Effect Problem
Organization administrates of Greenhouse Effect problem, World Bank and The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of H.M. The King are setting Photograph contest topic: Greenhouse Effect Problem.
A kind of a Photo
1. Color film
2. Black and White film
3. Reversal film
4. Digital file
1. Size of photo 10 x 12 inch + film or Digital file Format Tiff high Resolution more than 300 dpi.
2. One person can send more than 1 but not over 10 Photos.
3. Photos have to have Name of photo, Name and Address.
4. World Bank can pubic all of photo with out payment.
First prize: 50,000 baht and shield
Second prize: 30,000 baht and shield
Third prize: 2 prizes 20,000 baht
Fourth prize: 10 prizes 10,000 baht
Send photo now until 27 May 2008 at floor 30 Siam tower Rama Road Bangkok.
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