About the Museum
A main objective of Children's Discovery Museum is Harmony in Diversity that composes with Diversity, Interdependence and Dynamic.
Children's Discovery Museum is the first children museum in Bangkok and in Thailand. In this museum,there are 8 galleries of 123 exhibits and activities located in 3 buildings and 1 outdoor space.

The first building with 4 galleries are the galleries of Body and Mind and Science where are on the ground floor. The second floor is the floor of Society and Culture gallery which introduce you to various culture of the world including Thai culture. The third floor which is the top floor of this building is Technology gallery which can enjoy and learn about various kind of technology such as computer, electricity, transportation and telecommunication. In this floor children will have an opportunity to experience the TV special effect such as blue screen which show how Superman can fly in the film.

The second building is the building on the right hand. The first floor of this building is the Queen Sirikit Park Gallery which show you her Majesty the Queen's work about the forest reservation including background of Queen Sirikit Park where the museum located in. The other gallery in the first floor of this building is the Rainbow City, which is the special area for the younger children lower than 6 years of age. The Rainbow City is the model of small-city composed of supermarket, fire station, clinic, and soft corner for toddlers and book corner. It's a pity that the children older than 6 years are not allowed for this section. The second floor of this building is the temporary activities that can enjoy with various kind of activity such as candle making, weaving with small weaving machine and cooking. The top floor of the building is the seminar room, there is not activities or exhibit during this time. So please skip this floor.

The last building located at the far end of the museum. It is the Nature and Environment gallery which show the diversity in our world. It also have live animals such as fish, scorpion, rabbit in this building.

Besides the 3 building, the ourdoor space is the place you can relax and exercise with the playground. The visitors can try to be a carpenter and build our unfinished house which is very popular among the children over 8 years of age. The children can try to climb the giant spacenet with 7 metres high.

But before starting to explore the 8 galleries, please spend a few minutes at the hall of the first buidling where the sculpture of Children's Discovery Museum Tree of the Unnerse is located. The Tree of the Universe is built of balls with different both in size and colors, but these ball can be put togher as one tree. Every ten seconds, one ball of this tree will be hit by automatic hand. Look at the effects on other balls. This tree represent the world with composed of many things both living and non-living things, if there is something happen to one member of the world, it also have the effect on other things as well.

Moreover, drinking and eating is not allowed in the building. The cafeteria which you can have lunch or snack is on the mezanine of the first building. The visitors can get to the cafeteria by walking through the back door of the buiding.