"It's time for us to stop and look at what lies behind our children's innocent smiles"

The rapid economic development of Thailand often overshadows its spiritual and human development. Yet for sustained growth, the nation must protect and cultivate its human resources, particularly its children. Young people are the human resources on which Thailand's future depends. The investment of effort and resources in their education is an investment in the future, both on individual and national levels. If the youth of Thailand are given opportunities to grow and develop themselves as individuals, they in turn will contribute to the growth and development of the nation.
The Premier Group of Companies believes that corporations have a responsibility to contribute to the society in which they do business. Premier put this philosophy into action by establishing the Yuvabadhana Foundation; an independent, nonprofit organization which strives to provide educational opportunities for needy children.
However, the Foundation cannot achieve its aims without your support and cooperation. We believe that everyone has a role to play...

To support and sponsor young people who lack opportunities for proper education or vocational training in order to enhance their quality of life and support the balanced development of Thai society without seeking benefits in return.

- To support and sponsor young people who lack opportunities to gain an education which is appropriate for their abilities and potential.
- To help young people establish themselves in occupations which are suitable and beneficial for the local community, and which will contribute to the preservation and development of the regional culture.
- To support and sponsor the development of Thai youth through cooperation and communication with both public and private sectors.

Childhood is a period of intense learning. If given the right opportunities during this time, children can develop a strong base on which to build their secondary education or vocational skills training. Thus they can equip themselves to be productive members of society, contributing to their local community and to the development of the nation as a whole.

For the Yuvabadhana Foundation to meet its objectives and provide the maximum possible benefits for children and youths, it depends upon the cooperation of families, the community and public and private organizations. Therefore, the Foundation's projects and activities must :
- support and sponsor children's education
- develop young people's learning
- promote self-support for young people, theirschools and families
- involve the schools, families and communities in co-planning, co-working and co-supporting young people
- support and develop teachers to improve their ethics and quality of education

Yuvabadhana Foundation
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