Rama IX Art Museum Foundation
"Blue Green" by Mr.Fua Haribhitak "Portrait of Chira Chongkon" by Mr.Chamras Kietkong
"Moonlight" by Mr.Prasong Padmanuja "Lotus Flowers" by Mr.Tawee Nandakwang
Special Occasion : 705. Painting of the Great Artists Postage Stamps
Date of Issue : 24 February 2003
Purpose : To honour and publicize Thai great artists.
Designs : Illustrate paintings of Thai great artists.
3.00 Baht (Design 1) : "Blue Green" by Mr.Fua Haribhitak

3.00 Baht (Design 2) : "Portrait of Chira Chongkon" by Mr.Chamras Kietkong
3.00 Baht (Design 3) : "Moonlight" by Mr.Prasong Padmanuja
15.00 Baht : "Lotus Flowers" by Mr.Tawee Nandakwang
Printer : Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand
First Day Cover : 53.00 Baht (4 designs per set)
The Communications Authority of Thailand, Bangkok 10002
Special Occasion