Art in the Reign of Rama IX

Art in the Reign of Rama IX Book

Special Set 10,000 baht

Standard Set 7,500 baht

These fine colour illustrated books come in a box set of three volumes. Over 550 reproduction plates of masterpieces and best works dating back to the dawn of contemporary art in Thailand in the 40s, are selected for the appreciations of art enthusiasm. The main objective is to be a desktop art gallery of the Reign. It is the first attempt in the history of Thai art to reproduce such collective number of works for a complete study on the evaluation of Thai art in the latter half of this century. These reproductions will be accompanied with art directories of Thailand in Volume Three, featuring significant documentation about art complied in categories, artist list, main events, historic photographs, entire exhibition list, issues in the History of Modern Thai. In addition, there are also lists of museums, private galleries, art institutes, private and public organizations as well as list of academics and critics, plus enormous numbers of art bibliographies.