"Cities on the Move" offers an exciting vision of changes taking place in the context of Asian contemporary art and architecture. It aims at presenting the dynamic and highly creative situation of urban life in Asia. Drawing on visual, architectural and social issues, "Cities on the Move" extends beyond the borders of the continent.

This art and architecture show is always 'on the move', adapting to each new venue and context. Over the last two years, it travelled from Vienna (Secession Museum), to Bordeaux (CAPC, Centre of Contemporary Art), New York (PS1), Copenhagen (Louisiana Museum) and was last presented in London (Hayward Gallery).

" Cities on the Move ª is a combination of installations, performances, multimedia, and architectural projects, as well as videos and films. It all together embraces more than 100 artists and architects from China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Europe.

In Bangkok, this show will take place in various venues such as About Studio and Cafe, Chulalongkorn University, the National Gallery, Project 304, the Siam Society, Silpakorn University and Tadu Contemporary Art Gallery. A large part of the show will be located within the city itself through billboards, posters, in public transport, cinemas etc. Furthermore, the involvement of media such as magazines, newspapers and television will extend the spaces for the placement of artworks. A series of events, conferences (in collaboration with SPAFA in particular), open days at architectural studios and films screenings will add to the experience. "Cities on the Move" will be linked to current urbanistic and architectural projects in Bangkok, drawing connections between the city development and the artistic interventions. THE BANGKOK METROPOLITAN ADMINISTRATION will support the initiative and help the show to envelope and involve the city throughout its duration.

"Cities on the Move" is based on a concept of the curators Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hou Hanru. The Bangkok project is co-ordinated by Ole Scheeren [curation, architecture and scenography], together with Thomas Nordanstad [curation, visual arts] and Albert Paraviwongchirachai [curation, exhibition director of the Siam Society].
On the initiative of AFAA (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the overall guidance of the FRENCH EMBASSY IN THAILAND, 'Cities on the Move Bangkok' is organized by the SIAM SOCIETY with the support and artistic contribution of the ASIA EUROPE FOUNDATION, in collaboration with EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER STATES (in particular the Netherlands and Sweden) and the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, and in partnership with the Peninsula Bangkok.

Information: French Embassy 287 15 92-98 ext. 226 (Aline) EC Delegation 255 91 00 ext. 330 (Edouard)