. Minn Sohn-Joo

Wega Architects
Woonsuk Building 132-3 Sungbukdong Sungbukgu, Seoul, Korea
phone (02)741-1890 / fax (02)747-0066 / e-mail : msj@wega.co.kr
1998 M.Arch, Graduate School of Design, Distinction,Harvard University
1984 B.A., Josephine Paddock Fellowship, Barnard College, Columbia University
1978-1979 Architectural Engineering,Yonsei University

1999 Professor, Kyonggi University
1994 Principal, Wega Architects
1994-1997 Visiting Professor, Kyonggi University
1997 Architecture Council Committee for Seoul City
1999 Advisory Committee for Ministry of Supply
Advisory Committee for Pedestrian Street Making Team, Seoul Metropolitan Gov't
1998 Advisory Committee for Korean Institute of Architects
Advisory Committee for Architectural Institute of Korea
1997 Advisory Committee for Korean Female Institute of Architects
Kyunggi University?Manitoba University Joint International Studio Critic
1988, 1991-1995, 1997 Instructor, Yonsei University
1994 Instructor, Sunkyong Architecture Studio
1995 Tutor, Seoul Architecture School
1994 Senior Associate Partner, Sisang Design Group
1994-1995 Senior Associate Partner, Sindosi Design Group
1989-1990 Architect, Pei,Cobb,Freed & Partners (former I.M.Pei & Partners)
1986 Housing Surveyor, Ecole D'Architecture Paris-La Villette
1984 Intern, Space Group Korea
1980 Researcher, Korean Ministry of Construction

1999 Third Prize, Memorial Building for Korean Movies
1998 Grand Prize, Sungbuk District Government Building Design Competition
1996 Chuyang Award, Memorial for Chuyang
1987 2nd Soling Copetition, Grand Prize, East Harlem Housing Project
1984 Josephine Paddock Fellowship, Columbia University
1983 Marcia Mead Design Award
1983, 1984 Dean's List, Columbia University
1979 Honor of Distinction, Yonsei University

Law School Building, Yon-Sei University design 1999 / under construction
Hotel City, Seoul, design 1999 / under construction
Hotel Theme, Seoul design 1999 / under construction
Seoul Animation Center, design 1998 / built 1999
SK multi-media Center, design 1998 / under construction
Ayojip, House in Seoul design 1998 / built 1999
Sungbuk District Government Building Design 1998 / preliminary design 1998
"Cities and Images"?Seoul Metropolitan Museum / space design and construction 1998
Jang's Residence, Sungnam, 1998 / preliminary design 1998
Mokpo Cultural Center, 1998 / preliminary design 1998
KwangJu Biennalle / Space Design / exhibited 1997
Suh, Junggi Boutique, 1997 / built 1997
Kahoi Housing, 1997 / proposed
Lee, Kwang-Hee Fashion Building, 1997 / proposed
Chuyang Memorial Training Center for missionaries, Sulak, 1995 (Sindosi) / built 1996
Chiak Residence, Wonju, 1996 / built 1996
Bear House Restaurant, 1996 / proposed
Sung Rak Won Museum, Seoul, 1994 / proposed
Phoenix Golf Club House, Pyung Chang, 1993 (Sisang) / proposed
Kim Residence, Seoul, 1992 / built 1992
Jang Residence, Seoul, 1991 / built 1991
Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA, 1989-1990 (PCF) / built 1991-1995

1999 Venice Biennalle, "Citt : less aesthetics - more ethics" on-line exhibition
1998 P.S.1, "Cities on the Move 3", New York
Musee d'art contemporain del Bordeaux, "Cities on the Move 2", Bordeaux
1997 Vienna Secession, "Cities on the Move", Vienna
Kwangju Biennalle, "Space", Kwangju
Seoul Architecture School Exhibition, Seoul
1994-1997 Kyunggi University, Graduate School of Architecture Exhibition, Seoul
1995-1997 Sunkyung Architecture Studio Exhibition, Seoul
April Architecture Exhibition, Seoul
1988 Yonsei University Alumni Exhibition, Seoul
1987 Soling Competition Exhibition, New York
1986 Graduate School of Design Student Exhibition, Harvard University
1984 Marcia Mead Design Award Exhibition, New York

1997 AsiaGSD, "New Urban Aesthetics", Harvard University
"Tradition and Ordinary", Kwangju University
"Problem of Architects", Archiforum
"Women in Architecture", Korean Women Architects Association
1996 "Regionalism in Architecture", Hyunsil Bipyung Yunguso
1995 Anywise, Seoul

Television Program
1998 VPRO Broadcasting Company, "Contemporary Culture in South-Korea", Netherlands

Visiting Critic
1998 Professor Mario Campi Studio, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
1998 Professor Dongwook Han Studio, Ansung
1998 Professor Jaesin Yoon Studio, Ihwa University, Seoul
1998 Professor Helen Park Studio, Kyunggi University, Seoul
1997 Professor Mario Campi Studio, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
1997 Professor Hyungmin Bae Studio, Seoul City University, Seoul

Special Lecture
1998 "Forms in Architecture", MyongJi University
1998 "Architectural Relationship", Kyong-gi University
1998 "About Forms", Myongji University
1998 "Sticking Architecture", Ulsan University
1997 "For the beginners in Architecture", Sungsil University
1997 "Architecture Education", Honam University
1997 "Reading Seoul", Kwangju Univeristy
1997 "What is Beauty?" Mokwon University
1997 "Rediscovery of the Ordinary", Seoul Architecture School
1997 "Sunglakwon Memorial", Kyunggi University

1999 Chong-Ju Urban Redevelopment Workshop, Chong-Ju
1999 Taipei Future Design Studio, Taipei
1997 "What is the Regional Character of South Han River?", Dumul Workshop
1997 Seoul Architecture School Workshop I, III

1997.5 "Kwangju Biennalle", Space
1997.9 "Outsider Architect", Gunchuksegye
1997.9 "Even the best Architecture do not harmonize with nature", Building Culture
1997.4 "Minn, Sohn-Joo - Woman Architect", Calla
1986 "Grand Prize in the Soling Competition", GSD News

Anywise, "Any city without any problem?", 1995
Architects, "Interview with Henry Cobb", 1995
"On the Lecture of Norman Foster", 1995
"Young Architect - Minn Sohn-Joo", 1995
"Interview with Meeta", 1995
Architecture Criticism, "Jo Byung Soo - Criticism", 1997
"Aestheticism in Moon-Village", 1995
Architectural Culture, "Our Wall", 1994.8
"Another College Street", 1996.6
Architecture and Environment, "Anywise to Us?", 1995.8
"Critic : Ian Tarbener", 1996.9
Daechungmaru, "Rediscovery of the Ordinary", 1996.fall
GSD Student Works, 1985?1986
Ideal Architecture, "Critic : Ji Soon", 1995.11
"Architects and Books", 1995.6
"Rafael Moneo", 1994.9
KAIA Journal, "Critic : Hwang Il-In", 1997
Kyunggi University Journal, "Study on the System of Design Thesis", 1997
News Plus, "Architecture of Boston", 1997
Plus, "After AsiaGSD", 1997.5
"The Trend in Architectural Events in 1995", 1996?1997
"Harmony of the Trancelucency", 1996.7
"Saving the Moon-Villages", 1996.5
"Rehabilitation in East Harlem", 1987.10
POAR, "Speaking out on urgency", 1997.12
Yon-Sei University News, "Cities on the Move", 1997

POAR, "Focusing on Architect", 1997

Teaching Publication
Student Works, Kyunggi University, 1995-1997
Student Works, Seoul Architecture School, 1997
Alternative, Sunkyung Architecture Studio, 1995-1997

"The Limit of Media" - National Museum of Korea / space design advisor 1998

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