Sumet Jumsai

Architect, b. 1939, Bangkok

Academic Background
1958-67 Studied architecture and obtained Ph.D. at Cambridge University
1989 Bye Fellow, Robinson College, Cambridge University, Michaelmas
1989/91 Studio tutor, Dept. of Architecture, Cambridge University, Michaelmas
1991 Faculty member of the Dept. of Architecture, Cambridge University

Government & Social Work
Member of Thai government and NGO committees on the environment, historic conservation, art & culture, urban development and slum community, as well as being a painter and author.

Private Practice
In private practice since 1969 and responsible for numerous projects. At present, Chairman of Bangkok- based architectural firm SJA 3D Co., Ltd. Works published and exhibited world-wide.

Architecture :
1986 - "Fifty Leading Architects of the World", Vienna, Austria
1991 - Projects by Sumet Jumsai Associates, Osaka International House, Osaka, Japan
1995 - Place des Nations Competition Exhibition, Geneva
1996 - The Venice Biennale 1996 / International Architects Section
- Group artists-architects travelling exhibition entitled "Cities on the Move" ; 1997 / 8 : Vienna ; Bordeaux ; Long Island City, N.Y. ; 1998 / 9 : Humlebaek, Denmark ; Hayward Gallery, London

Painting :
1997 - Exhibition of 3, Suan Pakkad Palace, Bangkok
1999 - Solo exhibtion at Galerie Atelier Visconti, Paris

1982- 1991 - A total of 9 Gold Medal Awards for architecture, Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage
1999 - Crystal Award (for the arts), World Economic Forum, Davos

Publications by Sumet Jumsai :
Amongst which a book : NAGA - Cultural origins is Siam and the West Pacific, Oxford University Press, 1988 & 1989, and (in Japanese) Kajima Inst. Publishing, Tokyo, 1992. Third printing in English, DD Books, Bangkok 1997.

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