Anne Fremy

Artist born in 1955. Lives and works in Paris.

Work takes the form of found images, series and ensembles, photographs and films of cities, extreme architectural conditions, utopias and dystopias, micro-climates, communities, the relationship between the urban and the natural, water, cities as matural spaces...

Work includes :
Isola, Galerie de L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Quimper, France 1999; Lureate of the programme, 'L'Envers des Villes', AFAA-Caisse des DÈpots et Consignations, Tokyo, Reykjavik 1998; vertigo, le Magasin, Grenoble, France 1998; L'Heure Universelle, Editions Art 3, Valence 1998; Architecture(s) archives, Editio Purple Books, Paris 1997; Modell, Programme Containerize, Berlin 1997.

Work on installation of architectural projects in Bangkok from abroad, producingphotographic material in bkk to draw relationships to local context, video, tokyo marine
Tadu Gallery
In Bangkok from : 1st Oct- 9 Oct

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