. Chen Shao Xiong

1962 Born in Shantou, Guangdong Province, PR China
1984 Graduated from the print department of Guangzhou Fine Art Academy
1984-continuing-Teaching at Guangdong Art Normal School
1991 Formed " Big Tail Elephant Group" with Lin Yilin ,Liang Juhui
Lives and works in Guangzhou

1986 Southern Artists Salon First Experimental Show , Students' Center at Zhongshan, University Guangzhou
1991 Exhibition of Big Tail Elephant Group , Guangzhou No.1 Workers' Palace, Guangzhou
Beijing Xisanhuan, Art Documentation Show , Chinese Painting Academy, Beijing
1992 Big Tail Elephant Group, A Joint Exhibition , Guangdong Broadcast/Television University, Guangzhou
Second Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Documentation , Library of Guangzhou fine Art Academy, Guangzhou
1993 Third Exhibition of Big Tail Elephant Group , Red Ants Bar, Guangzhou
1994 No Room-Big Tail Elephant, No.14 SanYu Road, Guangzhou
China New Art Exhibition, Exhibition Center, Guangzhou
Third Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art Documentation , Shanghai
1996 Possibility-Big Tail Elephant, The Basement of Zhongguang Building ,Guangzhou
In the Name of Art , Liu Haisu Museum , Shanghai
Phenomenon and Image Video Art , China Fine Art Academy, Hangzhou
1997 Another Long March : Chinese Conceptual Art, Breda, The Netherlands
Demonstration of Video Artí 97 China , The Gallery of Center Fin Art Academy, Beijing
Cities on the Move , Secession ,Vienna, Austria
New Asia, New City, New Art , Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall, Shanghai
1998 Breach-A Presentation of Self of Modern Chinese ,The Hong Kong
Polytechnic University , HongKong
Transmediale'98 ,11th Video Festival ,Podewil, Berlin, Germany
Cities on the Move 2,CAPC, Bordeaux, France
16th World-Wide Video Festival , Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Inside Out , P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island , New York ,San Francisco, Museum of Modern Art, U.S.A
Big Tail Elephant, Kunst Halle ,Bern, Switzerland
Cities on the Move 3 , P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, New York ,U.S.A.
Image Zhi Yi-Chinese Conceptual Photograph, Shanghai
1999 Cities on the Move 4, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art , Denmark
Fast>>Forward: New Chinese Video Art , Contemporary Art Center, Macau
Art For Sale , Shanghai
Beautiful likes Materialism, The Fine Art Academy of the Teaching University of Eastern China, Shanghai
Cities on the Move 5 ,Hayward Gallery ,London, U.K
Concepts , Colors and Passions , China Art Archives & Warehouse , Beijing

Photos collage, blown up prints in the Nation

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