Rama IX Art Museum Foundation
Artist : Ekasit Jirattikanon
In the first time of my work art. I take nature from the Land and the sea with altogether. It qo by the circle of nature
and it have change everytime. So I have interested to arrange a kind of nature altogether. Cause for show my feel is calm in the sea
under subconsciousness by Accessory important imagine after this work, The circle of nature from subconsciousness,
I 'm try to find nature from the Land untill present. I 'm find piece of sea by used shell, sand,
the wind blows and the sea with changes, disattach ment to beauty, Life cycle of Nature,
I have acknowledged the reality and truth in these things, and transter
the knowledge to other people from my own imagination.
I would like the audience to realize and feel
the peace and happiness that the paintings might portray according to indiadual perception.
The Last, most of my work still get example life of my art and try recompense the Lost of nature in the art forever.
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