October 2003 - February 2004

The open contest exhibition includes two categories : prints and drawings.

The contest is open to both Thai and foreign artists.

1. There will be two jury screenings: initial and final. Entries which pass the initial screening will be automatically entered in the final screening.
2. Approximately 150-200 pieces will pass the initial screening and enter the final screening.
3. For the final screening, an international jury invited by the exhibition committee will select the final award-winning works.

1. Artists may submit works in both categories.
2. Artists must submit a 35 mm. slide of the art work. Each artist may submit a maximum of 5 entries per category. Submission must include details of the works, including names of the artists, names of the works, technique details, date, and

3. All works must have been completed after 2001 and must never have received previous awards.
4. All works must be created and signed by the artist him/herself.
5. For the Print category, all techniques, whether single or multiple utilization, including monoprints will be accepted.
6. For the Drawing category, all techniques and combinations, including the following media: charcoal, pencil, ink, pastel, crayon, pen, etc., will be accepted.
7. A size of the paper should not exceed 80 x 120 cm.
8. Submission must be postmarked no earlier than March 1st and no later than April 30th, 2003, and should be sent to: International Print and Drawing Exhibition on the occasion of Celebration the 60th Anniversary of Silpakorn University, Thailand
L Floor, Office of the President, Silpakorn University.
22 Borommarachachonnani Road, Taling Chan Distric, Bangkok 10170, Thailand

1. Artists who pass the initial screening will be required to submit their original works by June 30th ,2003.
2. Overseas residents must submit their original works to the university (same address as for submission for the initial screening) by airmail only. Works should not be framed. They should be encased in plastic/cardboard rolls and posted without insurance. "Printed Matter" should be written on the cardboard roll. The weight of the work and packaging shall not exceed 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) and the length of the cardboard roll shall not exceed 95 cm.
3. Thai residents must submit their works on June 23rd-30th ,2003, including public holidays, from 09.00 a.m.-05.00 p.m at the Office of the President, Silpakorn University
22 Boromarachachonnani Road, Taling Chan District, Bangkok10170, Thailand
4. The university will do the framing for all works.
5. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind of works during shipping and handling to and from the exhibition.


1 Grand Prize Baht 300,000 (approximately 6,670 USD)
2 First Prizes Baht 150,000 (approximately 3,330 USD)
3 Excellent Prizes Baht 60,000 (approximately 1,330 USD)
20 Purchase Prizes Baht 45,000 (approximately 1,000 USD)

1. Slides submitted for the initial screening will not be sent back to the artists.
2. All award-winning works will become part of the collection of Silpakorn University except Purchase Prize winners, which will be part of the collection of the sponsor.
3. The organizer and the exhibition committee have the right to reproduce and photograph any accepted works for non-commercial publicity and educational purposes, and the right to post images of the works on any relevant media, inclusive of web-site on a long-term basis.

1. For overseas residents, Silpakorn University will be responsible for repackaging and mailing works back to the artists with a copy of the bilingual exhibition catalogue.
2. For Thai residents, contestants may pick up their works from Office of the President, Silpakorn University,Thailand between March 17th - 28th 2004. The university will not be responsible for any loss or damage to works not collected by this date.
3. The university will give copies of the bilingual exhibition catalogue to all selected artists.


March 1st- April 30th, 2003 Submission period for initial screening
May 16th, 2003 Initial exhibition selections are announced
June 23rd -30th, 2003 Submission period for original exhibition works
August 15th, 2003 Prize winners are announced