"Photography is about Passion. It's the willingness to explore, to learn, to correct, to recognize and be able to appreciate whatever you're doing. It's not about beautiful photographs only. Photography, like anything else, requires Discipline. Discipline is Common Sense which is based upon the ability to comprehend the basic, the norm of things around you.

Photography helps us learn to be aware of all the senses we're born with. It's about how we learn from what we do and vise versa. Learning to select a visual vocabulary. It's about learning to be Fair and have the courage to recognize our own limitations. This means not giving up. This also means doing our best. There're many ways to accomplish the same goal. It's a matter of analyzing our own ability, resouces and willingness. It's about translating the above into a visual sentence --a photograph. Not every photograph is art. But a photograph should be artfully done."

Oi Veerasarn, June 1999
(notes for Photography 101, American University, Washington, DC)