The Turtle and the rabbit, 1991
arcylic on canvas
45X45 cm.

The Turtle and the Rabbit, 1991

The Turtle and the Rabbit, 1991

The Turtle and the Rabbit are two animals that have different characteristics. From the old story, they raced each other to the finish line and the turtle won by a spit second.The rabbit who can ran very fast but took his times making a stop everytime he saw anything interesting. The turtle went very show using up all his energy crossing the finish line without making any stops, he had not experienced anything on the way. So can we really say that the rabbit had lost?

In visual art, can we really say what is right or what is wrong? Are we really sure that all the theory we know and use can create great works of art. A good work of art cannot be created with only art theory. An artist needs to learn about himself and to experience his surroundings. He must use his feelings and not just theories realising. Theat there are many ways to solve the came problem.

Black is White, White is Black
What used to be Normal seems
Sometime In is Out.

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