Brown Air, Brown Trees, Brown Ocean and a Dirty Automobile, 1993

Arcylic on canvas
Painting side 120 x 120 cm.
Collection of fukuoka Art Museum

Bown Air, Brown Trees, Brown Ocean and a Dirly Automobile
Bown Air, Brown Trees, Brown Ocean and a Dirly Automobile <click to see enlarged picture >

Bown Air, Brown Trees, Brown Ocean an a DirLy Automobile, 1993

For survival, the first living things spent very period of time to adapt and bred on earth. Reaching the balance of circumstances, several kinds of plants and animals inhabited along with the changing of an ancient world environment. Still, some extincted and some new breed of living things occurred instead.

Presently, however there are still some slow changes of the earth itself both naturally like earthquakes or volcano explosion and intentionally by we mankinds. We consumes other living things only to serve the individual facile. The existing plants and animals deteriorated and extincted consequentially. Air and water conditions are varied, the new kind of diseases, the new breed of animals and plants came to existence.

No matter what we accept about the changes and the fact that plants, animals, air, and water continue to waste, I know that we will still have the specific world's inhabitants in the specific environment for the specific time. The new breed of human being will think, feel and live differently from us. I only hope that all of mankinds will be able to change and adapt themselves in time, in order not to extinct in the new environment, the result of their own exertions.

The work is about taking a drive via a dirty automobile to see a mountain range, trees, air and water

To know the history is to understand.

To know the future is to forecast.

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