Sad dog, 1995
installation space
20 x 16 x 8 m.

Sad dog, 1995
Sad dog, 1995 <click to see enlarged picture >

Sad Dog, 1995

In 'Hi-Tech' society, one can copiously make use of instruments and devices for communication, such as cellular-phones, intemet, etc., to communicate all over the world, These devices have gradually decreased the importance of alternative ways of communication as being less convenient, such as travelling on foot, by car, by plane, etc.. These alternatives ways of communication may seem less convenient, sometimes troublble some in their different stages, time consuming and demanding certain amount of physical energy. On a journey, however, one acknowledges, learns, experiences, sees and touches various 'real' things out of the surroundings ; one express oneself, one understand new unexpected things, one might finally learn to know oneself.

This is a natural way of learning and becoming aware of human emotions. Through the natural process of movement, one has to deal with different flavours, being exhausted, feeling cold or hot, going fast or slow, fear for danger, gladness, sadness, etc.. All these features contain both positive and negative aspects, but this is a way to become aware of various emotions, to feel alive, searching for and learning directly from things out of one's surroundings, through and by oneself.

Dogs are known to be man's best friend. It is the animal closet to human beings. Dogs are smart and emotional ; they can be happy or sad depending on the relationship between them and human beings.

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