Pinocchlo, 1996-1997
installation space a small theatre

Pinocchlo, 1996-1997
Pinocchlo, 1996-1997 <click to see enlarged picture >

Pinocchlo, 1996-1997

A house is a place built for the purpose of living. It has bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a family. A school is a place of education. It has classrooms, teachers and students. A hospital is a place built for the purpose of medical care. It has ward, operating rooms, doctors and patients. A theatre is a place built for the purpose of performing. It has a stage seating, actors and audience. All place have their own specific roles. A theatre is like a mirror of the real world. It is often said all the worlds is a stage. Stories reflect real life. The audience experiences reflections of their own lives ; their hopes, happiness and suffering, Here, the theatre building is not yet finished. It is empty and still awaits its final porpose but already it has life beginning. This place is the world waiting to be born, The reality is under construction at this moment. Please imagine it as the world at large.

Pinocchio, a wooden puppet from an Italian folk tale is brought to life and enters the real world, learning what is good and bad, right and wrong, and through this experience finally becomes a human being. A puppet is a human being. A human being is a puppet.

The world of imagination is a mirror of the real world. The real world is the mirror of the imaginary world.

In any place what is real and what is imaginary, it's up to you.

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