Amphur Mae Tang,
Chiang Mai, 1999
Mixed media
250 x 300 cm.

Amphur Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, 1999

Amphur Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, 1999

I reject Mass Communication. I reject to be overwhelmed by information and news which have no meaning because of the lack of relationship among information/news, the sources and the receivers. I do not see the importance of acknowledging all the news out there which have nothing to do with me. I reject the way certain information makes it into news, information which does not deserve to be news. Though knowledgeable person becomes clever, a clever person often brings sadness to himself. I believe in communication among people in the same group, among relatives and friends, people who actually relate. I believe in the kind of communication which does not need to be knowledgeable but is the relation between people.

I reject globalization and feel sad about the way prople accept this phenomenon. They have been enslaved by trend. They wholeheartedly believe in those fake images and information forgetting one important human nature-our conscience.

I reject the spreading of cultures, the way that people from one part of the world behave like their in the other. I believe in local individuality, the differences in the way of thinking and in behaviors, as well as the diversity of local characteristics. Globalization promotes the fact that everybody in this world is the same.

However this is not nature of people and the word. The balance comes from the dfferences of the people and the environment. There is not a place where everybody is hero, no place where everybody is villain. If there is no evil, there would not be virtue. If there is no cultural and behavioral differences and that everybody thinks and behaves in the same way, people would probably stop to be people. If I believed in globalization, I would have believed that the world should be governed by one government. I would have also believed that everybody like the same kind of food, the same kind of clothing and the same kind of house. Yet, day for some people is night for others; when the sun is up in one half of the world, in the other half people are in their sleep. How could people be the same ?

I believe in locality I believe that Thai people should have the way of thinking and culture which are distinguished from the others. Other peoples should remain the way they used to be, which does not mean that one is better or worse than the others. Every place has its own special character. People in different places are thus different.

I believe in Amphur Mae Tang, Chiang Mai.

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