Arcylic on canvas
60 x 100 cm.

Hot Dog, 2000
Hot Dog, 2000   Hot Dog, 2000
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Hot Dog ( 2001 )

The concept of the works in "Sad Dog" (1996) relates a story about a dog, man's best friend. This dog was sad and depresses because people had changed their way of life and their natural behavior. People got lost in the current of High-Tec communications, wire-less and sense-less. Now, 5 years later, this dog (from non-specific breed; supposedly a mixed-breed) is totally fed up with the behavior of his human friend. However, High-Tec communications will most likely come to an end in the near future (because lots of criminals are operations with the High-Tec system, depriving it of all honesty, accuracy and trustworthiness). Humans in relation to humans, humans in relation to dogs, can no longer deny the necessity to the return to the use of the old communication systems; face to face communication (or better still, telepathic communication). The dog will be extremely happy with a cheerful smile on his face, for his former human friend will have returned to his same old self again.

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