His work Repercussions of theAgr~cultural focuses on thedestruction of land and deforestation due to the mushrooming of golf courses and resorts in Thailand. Emphasis is placed on diverse materials through which power is operated and exploited. For instance, hand-spades, bags of earth, gloves, land contracts, and plummets displayed neatly in cases refer to the hotly-disputed issues relating to the illegal purchase of land by tycoons and politicians. The sentence, 'Thailand is in your hands' is associated with the eighteen hand-prints on canvas and thin sheets of earth placed above the cases. Here, the images of hands indicate the raised hands of politicians in the parliament who have the power to decide the destiny of the people, while eighteen canvases bring into relation the number of holes on a golf course.

At a glance, Kamol's use of found objects may border on the absurd, but often they are allegorical to the problematic link between art and society.

Apinan Poshyananda