Water is the important natural resource which can be recycled for any life usage. Only if people are well-aware of how important water is, by their own perception of its nature, spirit and life, will it remain pure and useable to all lives on earth.

For us, in Bangkok, the city of Thailand, our ancestors had been settled happily for hundreds of years with their great appreciation of ChaoPra-Ya, a huge water supply fortheir lives andtheir way of living. Time passed and with the rapid growth of industry and the selfishness of mankind, Chao-Pra-Ya was neglected, used as a trashbin for waste water and garbage, dumpings from industrial factories, hotels, condominium households and from the ten million-strong population in this city. Chao-Pra-Ya is now struggling against death by losing his capacity to heal himself naturally. His life is worse than ever and critically polluted.

Not only the water of Chao-Pra-Ya is destroyed, but also the amount of oxygen in him has decreased markedly. This affects fish and all the lives in the water which have vanished. And now, who will dare to answer the unbearable question of how could we live without the Chao-Pra-ya which is the only great bloodline for Thais!

Stop destroying him immediately and assist him any way you can. Set up and use a waste water treatment system effectively.And most of all, your worship and love of him will be a must to help us all from this oncoming despair.

To preserve Chao-Pra-Ya is to save your own lives. The project River of the ~ng, which was exhibited in the Queensland Art Gallery, was gradually developed from my feeling of sorrow for the Chao-Pra-Ya River. Not only Chao-Pra-Ya but also the rivers around the world. There is no time to ask what we should do - it's time to do whatever is good for them. Despite the rapid changes in society and our way of life, the growth of cities, the uncontrolled populations and economic plans, people must stay aware of how important water is.