Lawan Upa-in


1935 Bangkok


Satiwatrakang School
School of Fine Arts
B.A. (Painting) The Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, Silpakorn University
Lawan Upa-in


1959-present Teaching Art on Television Instructor for the Faculty of painting and Sculpture; and Apply Art Section of the Faculty of Decorative Art; Silpakorn University

Award & Honor

1963 3 rd Prize (Painting), The 14th National Exhibition of Art
1966 One Woman Show, Bangkapi Gallery
1967 Repairing the oil painting in Chitlada Palace
Given the commission in doing Painting for Pupingrajanives Palace
1968 The 18th National Exhibition of Art
1970 Painted the Royal family for the hall in Chitlada Palace by the command of her Majesty the Queen
1974 The 11 Thai artists Exhibition, The National Theatre, The Department of Fine Arts
1979 The 1st- 4th Art Exhibition of Thailand, in Bangkok, Japan and France
1980 Portrait painting of Past Journalists at the Department of Communication
1982 Painted Prince Vajirunhis in Vimarnmaek Palace, by the command of Her Majesty the Queen
1984 Portrait Painting Exhibition, at The National Museum, (The Museum of Fine Arts)
1985 "The Art by Her Royal Highness Princes Makachakri," Exhibition with other Thai Artists at North-Eastern technic college Nakornrajasima Province
The Painting in Honour to His Majesty Exhibition at Sangkeet Center, Bangkok Bank
1989 The works of the instructors of the Faculty of Decorative Arts Exhibition: The Museum of Art, Silpakorn University
1990 The Art of Peace Exhibition, in the auditorium of Thammasat University
1992 "36 Years Exhibition", The Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University The International of Woman's Art Exhibition to commemorate the 60th year of Her Majesty the Queen at The Thai Cultural Center, Bangkok (participated with artists from 26 countries)
1992 The Creative Women Exhibition, Sirikit Convention Center


Married to Mr. Sompoj Upa-in, have one son and one daughter