Exotica 2001
Photographs by Manit Sriwanichpoom

When I was asked to shoot transvestites for an exhibition entitled 'Borderline', it set me thinking. Why do we see these people as 'borderline' ? Is it really only because of their confusing sexual identity? Is it because society calls borderline anything living or dead that it cannot easily define? Although I have never personally been drawn to this subject as a photographer, this assignment gave me the opportunity to reflect on their popularity as 'photographic objects', aside from their partiality to sequins and feathered boas.
Perhaps the more truly grotesque a society becomes, the stronger grows its need for safe 'grotesque' mascots, like those sad-eyed Spanish dwarves, court entertainers, painted by Diego Velasquez, to reassure the majority that it is not, that 'we' are not, borderline; that it is....normal, in the main.

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  Exotica 2001

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