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8th May 1962
My dear Malini,
In case of my death I wish to be cremated, but without any religious ceremony.
I thank you with my soul for the many years of your affect which has verified the last part of my life.
My best thought is to wish you a serene happiness reminding you always our long discussions about the complex difficulties of our life, particularly with regard of women.
Please write to Romano and ask him to inform also Isabella & Dino of my passing away without regrets because I feel to have spent my life for something useful as a very modest servant of my art. Send them my love and my wishes for their prosperity and happiness.
If the spirits have power to protect and bless the living ones, I will do for you and this is my last hope.
Silpa Bhirasri,Corrado Feroci

*Passed away on 14th May 1962

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