Rama IX Art Museum

Panya Wisetwong

ปัญญา วิเศษวงษ์

I feel there is no limit or boundary to what can be made beautiful through art. The value of art can only be found in the experience of each person of each work. No rules or theories can restrict a work of art. Art is not created by just following theory - this produces only imitative work.
An artist must go beyond understanding basic theories and understand how to create art while knowing that art presents no restriction about what can be made beautiful.
Humans and nature naturally exist together, but humans create rules and theories that shape society in ways that are in conflict with this natural relationship.
In Thailand today, many follow the rules, laws, cultures, and tastes of society without thinking. But for most of them, and for me, life that has to belived in side the limitations of Thai society's systems and rules is a constant struggle for survival.
I reject the pain and suffering that I must undergo to live, and I create shapes that acknowledge my sense of conflict and express my rejection.


Address :

935 Mitmaitry Rd. Dindaeng Bangkok, 10400 Thailand.

Tel :

+66 089-129 6854

Education :

B.FA (Painting) 1996 Faculty of Fine Arts, Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Bangkok Thailand.

Exhibitions :

2003 :

Lower Northern Artists Exhibition - Museum of Art, Naresuan University, Pissanulok.

1998 :

The 5th Thailand Art Awards Exhibition (Painting) - National Gallery, Bangkok.

1997 :

The 4th Thailand Art Awards Exhibition (Painting) - National Gallery, Bangkok.

1996 :

- The 13th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists - Silpakorn University Art Gallery, Bangkok.

- The 3rd Thailand Art Awards Exhibition (Painting) - National Gallery, Bangkok.

1994 :

- The 11th Exhibition of contemporary art by young artists- Silpakorn University Art Gallery, Bangkok.

- The 1st Creation Painting - Poh Chang, Rajamangala, Bangkok.

1993 :

The 80th Anniversary of Pha Chung - Rajamangala, Bangkok.

Awards :

1996 :

Painting - Splinder and Associates Award

1994 :

Painting - Toshiba (Thailand) Award

Rama IX Collection

Gift from the artist

rama9 collection

Judgment 1
Acrylic on canvas
158 x 108 cm.


Thai Artist